World high jump record set in Chile still stands 74 years later!

February 5, 1949 was a special day in the equestrian world when Chilean Army officer Captain Alberto Larraguibel Morales and the Thoroughbred stallion Huaso set the world high jump record at 2.47 metres (8ft 1in). Incredibly, that record still stands, 74 years later!

The venue where the fabulous pair jumped their way into the record books was the Chilean Army Riding School in San Isidro de Quillota. Now over 100 years old, it will be the competition venue hosting the equestrian disciplines for this year’s Pan American Games. 

The record-breaking fence is still onsite, and so is Huaso, in the form of a statue commemorating the horse that jumped himself and his rider into history.

Caption: the monster 2.47 metres (8ft 1in) fence that Chilean Army officer Captain Alberto Larraguibel Morales and stallion Huaso cleared to set a world high jumping record that still stands today. (L-R): PAEC President Cesar Hirsch (VEN), Alec Lochore (GBR), Technical Delegate for Santiago 2023, Tim Dutta (USA), who will be coordinating logistics for the Pan American Games, and sport manager Colonel Jaime Poblete (CHI) show just how big that fence really is! 
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